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  Group Variable Universal Life Insurance

Several companies are offering Group Variable Universal Life (GVUL) Insurance to employees as part of their comprehensive benefit package. With GVUL Insurance, employees have the option to make after-tax contributions to a tax-deferred investment account and are provided a menu of options within the account.

Participants should consider their timeframe in which they intend to utilize these funds as well as their personal risk tolerance when determining an investment strategy for this account. Model Portfolios for GVUL investment options are available through our “Your 401(k)” section of the website.

Before making any investment decision regarding your GVUL, feel free to contact Mainstay Capital Management toll-free at 1-866-444-6246 to discuss your personal situation.

The GVUL Model Portfolios are provided as a courtesy of MCM as general investment advice and do not constitute a specific investment recommendation. All material presented concerning the GVUL and contained in the GVUL Model Portfolios is compiled from sources believed reliable, but its accuracy and completeness, and the opinions based thereon, are not guaranteed and MCM assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Before buying any mutual fund, an investor should read its prospectus and Statement of Additional Information carefully.