Mainstay Compass™ is our proprietary process for building a personalized, comprehensive financial plan just for you. Mainstay Compass™ enables us to guide you through all components of your personal financial plan and integrate them into a holistic solution.

Mainstay Compass™ Features

      • Consolidate all of your investment, banking, and other accounts all in one place with Mainstay Dashboard™
      • Create a robust retirement plan
      • Develop an optimal Roth IRA conversion strategy
      • Optimize your Social Security distribution schedule
      • Provide an easy-to-use budgeting tool
      • Manage tax liability and retirement income streams
      • Create your very own portal with customized access

 3 Easy steps to get started with Mainstay Compass™

      1. Create your account
      2. Use the guided process to input your data
      3. Track net worth, spending, and see all your accounts in one place

Once you have created your account, you will be contacted by one of our Certified Financial Planners™ for a professional complimentary consultation.

Together, we can create a plan to get you on the right path towards and through retirement.

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