With GM’s announcement of the pension plan freeze for salaried employees, many are wondering what they need to do differently in their retirement income savings, planning, and investing.

Mainstay Capital Management has developed a Pension Replacement StrategyTM to assist employees in evaluating their new combination of retirement income sources, including maximization of employer contributions to their Retirement Savings Plan (RSP).

MCM’s Pension Replacement StrategyTM can help you answer these questions:

  • How much does my pension payout change in retirement?
  • How does my overall retirement income solution need to change?
  • What is the best way to optimize my overall retirement savings?
  • What changes do I need to make in my RSP and IRA investment strategy?
  • Should I plan to take the lump sum pension payment at retirement?

Mainstay has counseled thousands of GM employees on retirement saving, planning, and investing. We can provide a comprehensive Retirement Income Analysis, help you evaluate "what-if" scenarios, and assist you in making informed decisions concerning the GM pension plan freeze.

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